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GMA Stanztechnik Kaplice spol. s r.o.

Modern and economically stable enterprise, a member of the multinational.


 AUNDE Group


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GMA Stanztechnik spol. s r.o. is a company specializing in the production of pressed and precisely cut parts for the automotive industry. Our products are delivered to all of the European multinational automotive manufacturers.


Dated History


Company founded.



Construction of a new production hall – pressing shop.



Expansion and reconstruction of Facility II.



Construction of the heat processing shop.



Purchase of new surface grinders for the tool-making workshop - purchase of a new Werth 3D coordinate measuring machine.



Acquisition of a new production hall of 3200 m2 and its adaptation for the precision-cut pressing shop and the other finishing operations.

Extension of the electro-spark erosion capacity by the AGIE – Progres 3 machine.


Operation commenced in the new production hall.

Restructuring of the entire plant.
Transfer of the administrative building into Facility 1.
Purchase of a new CNC machining centre DMG MDC 80U duoBlock.
Purchase of a new SW and HW for structure equipping.



Installation of the new ERP corporate system of PSIpenta.
Extension of the precision-cut production capacities by the Schmied 400 machine.



Extension of the precision-cut production capacities by the SCHMIDT 630 machine.



Extension of the production capacities by the grinding line for pressings or for plane-parallel grinding of pressings with an attained surface roughness of LA 1.



Company ownership was changed. The new owner was ISRINGHAUSEN MetallGmbH. To this change, GMA becomes a member in the AUNDE Group.



GMA Stanztechnik Kaplice, spol. s r.o.


Pohorská 181
382 41 Kaplice
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 380 301 611

Fax: +420 380 311 194

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